The most emo thing I have ever created. Okay fine, second-most emo, right behind the poetry I wrote in high school. Regardless of your tolerance for cheese, some version of schmaltz will push your boundaries of listenability in this mix. I welcome, nay, encourage you to not like this mix.

I’ve been planning this mix for well over a year, and it changed a lot over that time. I ended up with a sequence of heartache and defeat, with wisps of defiant self-preservation. I kept it pretty uniform in sentiment, resisting my temptation to go too far into disco, or house, or hopefulness, or overly sparkly kawaiiness. Nevertheless, it spans various genres and feelings, within the umbrella of desperation.

I also wanted to leave my stamp on the world of future bass and evocative chordal structure before it ran its course, since I feel the trend has crested and public enthusiasm for it will start to wane.


Future bass
Liquid drum & bass
Gentle juke
Feelingsy hip-hop
Sad funk
Lost soul
Lonesome Jersey club
Tender trap
You ‘kay? garage
Broken (heart) beat

1) Cosmo’s Midnight – History
2) Goldlink feat. Cicero – Fall In Love
3) Chiara Hunter – Hammer
4) Innanet James – Summer
5) Love Taps – Back For More
6) SirOJ – NFSG
8) Heads² feat. LaraJulie – Breathe Again
9) Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Angel Boi Deep Moombah Edit)
10) Marvin Gaye – Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (Morphable Remix)
11) D.R.A.M. – Outta Sight
12) Herbert – I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard)
13) Micasa – La Vida
14) Chase & Status – Blk & Blu
15) ¥oin – GHood Life
16) Zebra Katz – Imma Read (ARRWS Remix)
17) Audri Nix – Más
18) Samashi & Kev – I Miss You
19) Yung Death Ray – Slow
20) The Other Side – Believe
21) Anushka – Yes Guess
22) Ella Eyre – Comeback (Mike Delinquent Remix)
23) Sticky feat. Ms Dynamite – Booo! (Headquarters Acoustic Radio Mix)
24) Modjo – Lady (Austin Lebron Remix)
25) LAKIM – What You Want
26) Dr. Fresch – No Love
27) Anushka – Atom Bombs
28) MNEK – Don’t Call This Love (Sh?m Rendition)
29) Justin Bieber – All That Matters (ETM Club Remix)
30) Sir Sly – You Haunt Me (Soysauce Edition)
31) Beyonce – Mine (Machinedrum RMX)
32) Sam Gellaitry – Shake
33) Marcel Lune – Fantasia
34) Purple & Slick Shoota – F. Dat
35) BSN Posse – If U Want Me
36) Ash Walker feat. Lord Laville – Thunder
37) Model 86 – Missing
38) Banks – Drowning
39) Mura Masa – Are You There
40) Boosta – All My Love
41) Etherwood – For A Time I Was You
42) Etherwood feat. Eva Lazarus – Light My Way Home
43) Carl Thomas – I Wish (Flaco Bootleg)
44) Sigma & Paloma Faith – Changing
45) Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You
46) FKJ – Better Give U Up
47) RAY BLK – Chill Out
48) Gemma Dunleavy – Jasmine
49) Boxinbox & Lionsize feat. Sr Wilson – Love From Above
50) Bad Royale feat. Voice – Get Away
51) Jia Lih – Rock You