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Dia D remix out now!

My remix for Gato Preto’s “Dia D” out now on all fine digital retailers, along with the work of Aero Manyelo, TIKK Music, The Bumps, Jinku, and Cafe de Calaveras.

Juno Download
Google Play

And the video for Dia D, featuring the illustrious MC Zulu:

Interview at

Terry Gotham from interviewed me this week, in anticipation of Burning Man. Czech out the article! (or click on the photo of BMIR below)

Illexxandra live at Meso Creso at PEX Summer Fest 2016

I’ve posted my live set from Meso Creso @ PEX this year. Quite a moment! Relive it if you were there, get a piece of the experience if you weren’t. <3

NYC Pride March 2016

Astonished that I neglected to post my photo from the NYC Pride March! It felt tremendously powerful, being on the lead float with luminaries of the queer community, as well as the owner and staff of Pulse nightclub from Orlando. The crowd showed them such an outpouring of love, I was astonished to get to witness it. The photo speaks for itself, so enjoy…


Mermaid Parade 2016

A little taste of the Mermaid Parade from last weekend!


Mysteryland USA 2016: 7 Female DJs to Catch

Mysteryland 2016 has come and gone, had a blast. 🙂

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you this great bit of press. I was listed as one of 7 Female DJs to Catch at Mysteryland by Music Times, along with NYC colleagues Anna Morgan and Jubilee. Woop!

Mysteryland USA 2016 Lineup Poster

Sister NYC Launch Party Promo Mix

I’m back with a brand new JUKE mix in support of Sister NYC’s kickoff event this Thursday, May 19th at Trans-Pecos.

Though I have collected and played juke and ghettotech for my entire DJ career, this is my first all-juke mix, and I’m psyched. Includes original material! Enjoy.

Classic mixtape for Club Popozuda

Our friends at Club Popozuda in London have been re-uploading their mixtape series to their brand new Mixcloud, and so my classic mix is once again available! Check it out:

On a personal note, I’m through with my gender-affirming genital surgery and gearing up for musical mayhem! Much more from me to come soon.

Happy New Year everybody!





Meso Mackin’ (Live @ Meso Creso at PEX 2015)

As I was switching all my mixes over to my HearThis site, I discovered I neglected to post one of my recent mixes here on my blog! Pardon me! But…my pain is your gain, cause now you get a surprise bonus mix to enjoy:

Meso 2015 Mix Art

I had a blast with my Meso Creso set at PEX Summer Fest this year, and now, so can you. 😉


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