Tropic of Bass mix

I have a new mix out in support of my DC residency, Tropic of Bass! The mix is featured at the Athena Collective:


And here is the Soundcloud stream/download:

And our party this Friday!

Illexxandra Armory Podcast

I have a new mix out with the Armory podcast from the Bay Area! Check it out, it’s breaky yet unique.

Burning Man 2014 photos

Howdy! Burning Man went great — very challenging like always, but tons of fun and a learning experience. And my sets went great! I’ll be posting some live sets or recreated sets soon. Until then, a few photos of me in action. :)







Here are my sets at Burning Man! Please check back, this list is still growing and morphing and tweaking.

(You can listen to my BMIR radio slots from the comfort of your non-dusty home! at — all times Pacific)

-Tuesday 1-2pm @ Funky Town (10:00 & H)
-Tuesday 2:30-4pm @ BMIR (6:00 & Esplanade)
-Weds 2-4pm @ Black Rock Boutique (Center Camp Plaza near A)
-Weds evening sometime for Brooklyn Block Party art car corral []
-Thurs 3pm-? @ Sweaty Bettys spa party (7:15 & E) []
-Thurs/Fri 2-3am @ Basshenge (2:00 & G)
-Friday 1:30-3pm @ BMIR (6:00 & Esplanade)
-Friday 6pm-? @ Gender Blender smoothie happy hour (7:15 & E) []
-Friday 10-11pm @ Steampunk Saloon (5:00 & Esplanade)
Friday 1-2am @ A Cavallo (open playa)
-Friday/Saturday 3:00-4:30am @ Icarus (open playa)
-Saturday/Sunday 12-1am @ Brulee (7:45 & Esplanade)
-Saturday/Sunday 1:30-3am @ the Blackbird (open playa)

I’m also playing before and after the burn:

-8/23 in Fuzzy Nights in Caspar, CA —

-9/2 at the Sands Regency in Reno —

Gold Bikini Happy Hour

My new mix from the zaniest happiest happy hour you could imagine. There was a twerk tower on a raft in a lake. There was a 20-foot forrealforreal not-tripping-balls snake. There were piña coladas. There was chili. There was all gold everything.

RVA Magazine interview for Anatomy mix

My brand new mix is featured on RVA MAGAZINE with an interview, check it out!

Anatomy cover art

Brousse FM #02: illexxandra

My first new mix is finally here! I’m very very proud to offer to you 2 hours of global mass mayhem. Presented by the exciting new label and podcast series, Brousse FM.

Brousse FM #02: illexxandra by La Brousse Records on Mixcloud

Soft open?

The site’s still a work in progress, but I think we’re open for business. :)

Content soon!

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