Spring Festivals 2017

Upcoming spring festivals include:


The largest charity event in the world for women who love women. I’m playing three exciting parties during the festival, stay tuned to my gigography for more details! #aquagirlfl #aquagirl2017



Flow arts extravaganza, with some of my favorite east coast performers involved, as well as many dear friends.

…and! I’ll be at PEX Summer Festival at the end of June — full schedule of my hosting/performing/DJing/tarot coming soon!

If We Survive The Future



The most emo thing I have ever created. Okay fine, second-most emo, right behind the poetry I wrote in high school. Regardless of your tolerance for cheese, some version of schmaltz will push your boundaries of listenability in this mix. I welcome, nay, encourage you to not like this mix.

I’ve been planning this mix for well over a year, and it changed a lot over that time. I ended up with a sequence of heartache and defeat, with wisps of defiant self-preservation. I kept it pretty uniform in sentiment, resisting my temptation to go too far into disco, or house, or hopefulness, or overly sparkly kawaiiness. Nevertheless, it spans various genres and feelings, within the umbrella of desperation.

I also wanted to leave my stamp on the world of future bass and evocative chordal structure before it ran its course, since I feel the trend has crested and public enthusiasm for it will start to wane.


Future bass
Liquid drum & bass
Gentle juke
Feelingsy hip-hop
Sad funk
Lost soul
Lonesome Jersey club
Tender trap
You ‘kay? garage
Broken (heart) beat

1) Cosmo’s Midnight – History
2) Goldlink feat. Cicero – Fall In Love
3) Chiara Hunter – Hammer
4) Innanet James – Summer
5) Love Taps – Back For More
6) SirOJ – NFSG
8) Heads² feat. LaraJulie – Breathe Again
9) Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Angel Boi Deep Moombah Edit)
10) Marvin Gaye – Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (Morphable Remix)
11) D.R.A.M. – Outta Sight
12) Herbert – I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard)
13) Micasa – La Vida
14) Chase & Status – Blk & Blu
15) ¥oin – GHood Life
16) Zebra Katz – Imma Read (ARRWS Remix)
17) Audri Nix – Más
18) Samashi & Kev – I Miss You
19) Yung Death Ray – Slow
20) The Other Side – Believe
21) Anushka – Yes Guess
22) Ella Eyre – Comeback (Mike Delinquent Remix)
23) Sticky feat. Ms Dynamite – Booo! (Headquarters Acoustic Radio Mix)
24) Modjo – Lady (Austin Lebron Remix)
25) LAKIM – What You Want
26) Dr. Fresch – No Love
27) Anushka – Atom Bombs
28) MNEK – Don’t Call This Love (Sh?m Rendition)
29) Justin Bieber – All That Matters (ETM Club Remix)
30) Sir Sly – You Haunt Me (Soysauce Edition)
31) Beyonce – Mine (Machinedrum RMX)
32) Sam Gellaitry – Shake
33) Marcel Lune – Fantasia
34) Purple & Slick Shoota – F. Dat
35) BSN Posse – If U Want Me
36) Ash Walker feat. Lord Laville – Thunder
37) Model 86 – Missing
38) Banks – Drowning
39) Mura Masa – Are You There
40) Boosta – All My Love
41) Etherwood – For A Time I Was You
42) Etherwood feat. Eva Lazarus – Light My Way Home
43) Carl Thomas – I Wish (Flaco Bootleg)
44) Sigma & Paloma Faith – Changing
45) Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You
46) FKJ – Better Give U Up
47) RAY BLK – Chill Out
48) Gemma Dunleavy – Jasmine
49) Boxinbox & Lionsize feat. Sr Wilson – Love From Above
50) Bad Royale feat. Voice – Get Away
51) Jia Lih – Rock You

Illexxandra live at Catharsis on the Mall

Illexxandra live at Catharsis on the Mall, November 2016

One of the most powerful days of my life, playing in front of the Washington Monument, in plain view of Obama’s White House, with my dear friends and community.

I played Saturday night, first DJ after the effigy burn ceremony.

I started the music with solemn and sultry, moved on to stomping and sexy, acknowledged the cold and the flame, and then went to all kinds of unexpected places.

Much later, when the sun came up, we marched around the National Mall, past the Capitol building (where the cover art was shot — photo by MARTY KENNEY), and back around toward the Washington Monument. That’s when I first realized we were going to get through the next few years.

Live at Nomadico 2016

And since y’all have been so patient, I present to you my BRAND NEW…ly posted live mix from this year’s NOMADICO festival.

I was deeply impressed with the festival, so much love and appreciation for the Meso Creso crew. The mix is global music of all stripes — Latin hip-hop, French-language dancehall, grime, moombahton, global twerk, future dancehall, tribal house, global trap, jungle, and much more…


Live at Tropic of Bass – September 2016

…and my second recent live mix that I’ve been neglecting to blog:

From the September installment of my DC residency, Tropic of Bass! Global mayhem like always.

Alex Guesta – Madan (Tribal Remake)
Afro Bros – Oi Wakka (Afro Bros 2K15 Mix)
Gato Preto – Dia D (Illexxandra Remix)
Fela OBC – I.T.T. (Illexxandra Remix)
l من میجنگم – Man Mijangam (I’ll Fight On)
Drake & Future – Jumpman (Uproot Andy Dembow Mix)
Austin Lebroón – Dije ¡NO!
El Alfa – Lamborghini
Fuego + Sango – Se Me Nota
Live, Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, Flowsik – Eung Freestyle (응프리스타일)
RSK – Sway
Jarina De Marco – Paranavigar
Trigga & Chimpo – Who Run Tingz
Amron – Black Boys
Burro Banton – Hot Blood
Sanjin, Walshy Fire & Salvatore Ganacci – Nah Tell Dem
Rio Mira – Aguacerito (Illexxandra Remix)
Sam Redmore – One Drop It Like It’s Hot
GodWonder – El Mellao
Hataah – The Goddess
Boys Noize – Rock the Bells
Atomic – Con El Humo
Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (That Thing) (Tomcio Remix)
Mystikal – Shake It Fast (Mista PMike – Extended Remix)
Mercer – Juicy (LH4L remix)
Charly Black – Party Animal (BrainDeaD Remix)
Alkaline – Fuck You (DJ Lockie Moombahton Remix)


I’ve been negligent! I slacked on posting my latest two live mixes, so here is the first one:

After the MEOWPOCALYPSE comes…


My live mix with Teknacolor Ninja, as we closed out PLF at Transformus for the 5th year in a row. Video or it didn’t happen! —

Dia D remix out now!

My remix for Gato Preto’s “Dia D” out now on all fine digital retailers, along with the work of Aero Manyelo, TIKK Music, The Bumps, Jinku, and Cafe de Calaveras.

Juno Download
Google Play

And the video for Dia D, featuring the illustrious MC Zulu:

Interview at Burners.me

Terry Gotham from Burners.me interviewed me this week, in anticipation of Burning Man. Czech out the article! (or click on the photo of BMIR below)

Illexxandra live at Meso Creso at PEX Summer Fest 2016

I’ve posted my live set from Meso Creso @ PEX this year. Quite a moment! Relive it if you were there, get a piece of the experience if you weren’t. <3

NYC Pride March 2016

Astonished that I neglected to post my photo from the NYC Pride March! It felt tremendously powerful, being on the lead float with luminaries of the queer community, as well as the owner and staff of Pulse nightclub from Orlando. The crowd showed them such an outpouring of love, I was astonished to get to witness it. The photo speaks for itself, so enjoy…


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